Bike rental in Alkmaar: always a great idea

Thinking of Alkmaar, a few things come to mind. History, shopping, sun, sea and loads of activities. The typical Dutch city, the beautiful coastline of North Holland and of course the natural surroundings; spending your holiday in and around Alkmaar is always special. Because of its popularity, finding a good parking spot in Alkmaar, or neighbouring cities like Bergen and Egmond, is a challenge. But, not any longer. Pesie Rent a Bike helps you find your way around town. The easy way. Do you want to ride a bike during your vacation or does a bike just comes in handy for you and your family on your holiday? With Pesie Rent a Bike for bike rental in Alkmaar and Bergen, your always in for a memorable holiday.

Every season has its own charm

Thanks to its unique location, Alkmaar is a popular destination for cycling trips. Because even when the sun isn’t shining, cycling in this part of Holland always gets you going. Who doesn’t love a bit of variety during a vacation? Well, in and around Alkmaar and Bergen you’re in for a great adventure. All year round. In the spring the bulb fields in full bloom offer a typical Dutch backdrop and during the summer the gentle sea breeze takes you along numerous cosy terraces along the way. The forest and dunes are a must see for cycling and nature enthusiasts in the fall and winter periods. Discover the true beauty of nature while travelling on well-maintained cycling paths and quite possibly the best cycling network in the world. Whether you’re a relaxed or sportive cyclist, at Pesie Rent a Bike for bike rental in Alkmaar and Bergen you can choose from a wide range of rental bikes. The only thing you have to do is relax and enjoy your stay in North Holland.

Bike rental in Alkmaar for every type of holiday

Do you want to explore Alkmaar, Bergen and the surrounding are by bike during your holiday? At Pesie Rent a Bike you’ll always find the right bike for you and your family. Select the date of your arrival on our website and let us know the period you wish to rent a bike for. Easily complete your reservation online and your bike will be waiting for you at our bike rental in Alkmaar. We also offer the possibility to deliver your bike(s) on your holiday address. Ask our team for all the possibilities regarding our delivery and pick-up services. Our range of rental bikes consists of carefully selected Gazelle bikes of the highest quality. For an unforgettable experience and a memorable holiday.

Rent a bike in Alkmaar, a ride to remember

Dykes, dunes, beaches, forests and polders; the ‘Heart of North Holland’ has it all. To ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the regions ‘must-sees’, the tourist agency offers a wide selection of the most beautiful cycling routes in this special region. Ride the highest dune, discover the swerving roads of the famous dykes and charge the battery on one of the many terraces you’re passing by. Renting a bike in Alkmaar is the ideal way to get to know this versatile part of the Netherlands. What are you waiting for? Let our bike rental in Alkmaar and Bergen be the highlight of your holiday.

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